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Backpacks for the Homeless

Rebecca Circle needs your help filling backpacks that will be given to the homeless.  Backpacks are in huge demand with the homeless population as they allow one to keep personal items stored in a dry and safe place.  And they can be carried just about anywhere!

Here’s how you can help–you can fill a backpack yourself, donate an empty backpack, or bring items to put in a backpack and we will fill one.  Backpacks can be new or used.  Check your closets to see if there is one or more waiting to be adopted.  Check with friends and grandchildren also!  Donations will be accepted from February 3rd to March 3rd.

These backpacks, when filled, will be given to Market Square Friends, a non-profit organization that is helping the homeless and re-homed individuals in Central Pennsylvania.

Below are some ideas, small items that make life easier.  Remember—think light and small, items for a man or woman.  The items will be carried on someone’s back.  We will send as many backpacks as we have donated but there are about 50-75 homeless persons that could benefit from this collection.

Toothpaste (travel size)
tissue packets
hand warmers *
hand lotion (travel size)
Sterno *
shampoo (travel size)
flashlight with batteries
Q-tips *
propane lighters
Baby wipes/hand wipes*
tuna pouches *
Band-aids *
hair brush
cough drops
tea bags, hot chocolate, juice boxes *
Hand sanitizer *
mints, candy bar *
Paperback books
Socks *
cookies, crackers, granola bars *
Nail clippers
Laundry pods *
wash cloth, small towel
anti-fungal foot powder

*Items available at Sam’s or other box stores that sell in bulk

Look for the collection bins in the outer Narthex.